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Beautiful Bespoke Floral Arrangements For Every Occasion

For over ten joyous years, The Lady Gardener has expertly renovated and rejuvenated our gardens and brought colour and beauty back to places long thought lifeless. Now she is taking her tremendous skills and passion one step further by infusing the wonders of the natural world into our very homes.

Presenting: The Lady Florist! Whether it is for a special occasion or simply to brighten a room, The Lady Florist can be counted upon to deliver the floral arrangements of your choice. Every bespoke piece is made to your exact specifications and is of the highest quality. Each arrangement is a work of art and a labour of love. If you’re looking for the most incredible feats of floristry to mark that memorable day then you need look no further than The Lady Florist!


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Sympathy Tributes

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Valentines Day

ValentineValentine 220170213_1424036a

Mothers Day


Easter Baskets



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Summer Parties


Pretty Bouquets


Vase Refill Service


The Lady Florist At Work




Call us for a quote today on: 01962 713 094 or 07775 664 420